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Ancestral Lineage Repair Update!!! Ancestral Linage Repair is a service that I offer that is very dear and sacred work/medicine to me. I have been offering it for almost three years. And in that time, I have crafted it to encompass my own brand of healing, reconnection and allyship for my clients and the Well and Elevate Ancestors they connect with in their healing of their lines. I recent got a very strong and powerful message after a healing with one of my clients that the time for me to focus and work exclusive with marginalized and historically oppressed groups is NOW. I will no longer be offering this particular service to people not of these groups. My Ancestral Tarot Readings, Pass Live Regressions, Dream Interpretation, and Regular Tarot Readings are still open to all that seek my service. In the future if you are looking for a Qualified Practitioner who has the same code of ethics, integrity and magikal knowledge as myself I would invite you to contact: Laura Perlin


Laura Perlin is a tarot reader and practitioner of the ritual arts. She supports people in ancestral reclamation and healing, pathfinding, and crossroads navigation. Her approach to healing work is anchored in anti-oppression practice and centers the relationship between personal and collective healing. Laura's family migrated to the US from the Soviet Union as settler/refugees, and she grew up on Ohlone lands in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been reading cards and practicing her familial lineage traditions since childhood. Laura is of Ashkenazi & Mizrahi Jewish, Sakha, Roma, and Karelian ancestry. She shares her time between San Francisco and her ancestral lands of Sakha Republic. Laura sees clients in person and online. Connect with Laura www.lauraperlin.com www.wildhearttarot.org lauraperlin@gmail.com Facebook: laura.perlin Instagram: laura_perlin