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Thanks again for checking out my website! After a short sabbatical from the Bay Area I’m Back! I left the chaos and confusing of the Bay behind and arrived to an amazingly beautiful place of nature, fire alerts for evacuation due to fire danger and week long power outages! It matched my feel of experiencing the Death and Tower Cards at the same time! My journey to the mountain took me through two major car accidents. I drove with a non-working dashboard, a full bladder and a feeling of being forced to embrace the unknown. It felt more than a little unsettling  driving through Paradise, CA which a year ago was mostly lost to the Gods of Fire.

I truly felt like I had descended to the Underworld and only Spirit knew if I would emerge again. I would like to think my hostesses of Femme Mountain for providing me a landing pad to heal and regroup. I would also like to think Ginger of Cult of Gemini for hiring me on the spot as a Reader where I got a Five Star Yelp Review upon my second reading!

I land back in the Bay Area not knowing what’s in store, only knowing I need to follow my Soul’s Calling as I journey towards my next level of Spiritual Awaking aka  The Universe/World Card!!!