Methods I Use in My Work

Methods Used in My Tarot Readings

Methods Used in My Tarot Readings

Methods Used in My Tarot Readings


I  have worked with Tarot for over 30 years.  I clear the energy of the  cards from the previous client. If you choose to do a reading in person  you will shuffle the cards, cut them, and fan them out.  I will question  you on what answers you are looking for.  I will determine what  question you should have in your mind as you pick each cards.

Whether  you choose to do a reading in person or via phone, I lead my clients in  a breath exercise where they clear their mind of unwanted thoughts and  connect to their Higher Self.

Methods Used In My Ancestral Work

Methods Used in My Tarot Readings

Methods Used in My Tarot Readings


This  is a method I learn over three years ago. I conducted the method  slightly different than I was taught. I STRONGLY believe that the  Ancestors are not only waiting patiently for us to contact them to help  heal the line, they are yearning for us to ask for help in navigating  the sometimes confusing and intricate path we can find ourselves in our  lives.


I am both a survivor and was a Rape Crisis Counselor for several years.

My client’s safety and peace of mind are my upmost concern.  Not all  Ancestors are "Well and Elevated", and some should be avoid at all cost until the healing has taken affect. 

Because of situations I found myself in when I healed my own line, I have come up with a method that I have found to be 100% effective in allowing my clients to feel safe to explore as deeply as they need to go to find the Ancestors that have "the Mojo" to heal the line, and become Mentors for them. This method has also  been useful of clearing any unwanted energy my client might pick up  along the way as they examine their lines.

I require my clients to choose three to four Guides to accompany them on their journey. These Guides can be: 

  • Angels
  •  Saints
  • Goddesses/Gods
  • Orishas
  • Spirit Animals, etc. 

If you are having trouble determining the right Guide/s for you, we can do an:   

  • Initial Consultation for Ancestor Lineage Repair for an additional cost.