Three Generations of Wise Women

"Can I work on healing my line if I'm Adopted or not familiar with a branch of my family?"

Yes!  In fact, it can sometimes be easier because you have a totally blank  slate to draw on. When doing this work it is helpful to let go of what  you "believe "you know about your family lines and be open to what might  be presented to you. 

"Do I need to have any magical training or trance experience to do this work?"

No.  The method that I use is a breathing meditation. I helps to be able to  relax and trust the process. I suggest using any crystal/stones/charms  you have found/or believe will help you let go and allow the Guides you  chose to direct you. 

How do I know if "Ancestral Lineage Repair" is a method I could benefit from?

 "Do you have patterns that continue to show up in your life and/or the lives of other family members? "


"Do you find you yourself stuck in a cycle that you can’t seem to find your way out of?"


"Do you feel there are gifts you have buried deep within you that you can seem to access?"

"Do you feel isolate in your current birth family and feel no connection to what so ever?"

If  you answer yes to any of these questions, this work can benefit you!

I have worked with clients that were labeled "the Black Sheep" of the family, and in doing this work they found that their "difference" was actually a Blessing or Gift that for one reason or another was discarded many generations prior!

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me at: heal@lunastouch.c