Satisfied Clients

 "Just  saying that Luna, who does card  readings at the Cult of Gemini, is  really good at what she does. She was  able to help me out during a  really rough point. She's thorough,  experienced, and she has some  really amazing remedies that I appreciate.  I can tell she really cares  about what she does. If you're looking for a  card reader who is  intuitive, a good listener and very professional,  Luna is your person.  Thanks Luna"    Monica T.


"As an adoptee, I struggled with the whole ancestors idea because who do I have? Luna was able to help me get in touch with healed and healer ancestors who finally (finally) helped me to feel a connection to my own People. Not just as intellectually knowing or culturally connecting but to my People. Who known and love and care about and want nothing but the best for me.

That is more precious than just about anything else I could have gotten from anywhere. 

If you are afraid or wary or cautious about connecting to ancestors because of family history (or the lack of), Luna has made a huge difference for me and I know she helps build and hold a container that makes finding the Well Ones possible.

Thank you, Luna.