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What's Happening?!!!



Greetings Friends. Things seem a bit uncertain at the moment. What has been our“reality” for so long has been turn upside down. It seems no one can say with certain what the end game will be. This is not the time to give into the panic that is gripping most of our country and the world. Now is the time to go within and look to see where and what each of us is suppose to be, do, and become!

With that said, I am offering from now until May a complimentary 15mins for ALL phone readings. I am still accepting in person readings, AND in this time of uncertainty I can understand people’s reluctance from having too much physical contact, and remember we are really all connected whether we are sharing physical space or not.

You will automatically receive  the complimentary 15mins for ALL phone bookings: 30min, 45 min and 60 min at the time you book..

We will get through this together. 

Remember Not Me Us.


Luna Pantera