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What's Happening?!!!




Greetings Friends. Things seem a bit uncertain at the moment. What has been our “reality” for so long has been turn upside down. It seems no one can say with certain what the end game will be. This is not the time to give into the panic that is gripping most of our country and the world. Now is the time to go within and look to see where and what each of us is supposed to be, do, and become!


I have lowered my prices on all my service by as much as 25%. This is the time to confirm those nagging messages you’ve been getting form your:  Guides, Angels, Ancestors and from your own Higher Self! These prices will stay in place until we as a Nation recover from this situation, and hopeful come out the other side more: Enlighten, Compassionate, and Empathic for all of Spirits Creatures, Each Other and Ourselves!!!

We will get through this together. 

Remember Not Me Us.


Luna Pantera